If you told Amy Byrd four years ago that she would one day be in direct sales, she wouldn’t have believed you.  “I would have told you that you’re crazy,” she affirms.  A pharmaceutical sales rep of nine years, Amy was already successful in her career, and her sights were set on motherhood, and the children she wanted to have with her husband, Stephan. When the couple began their family by adopting two children from China, Amy traded in her corporate job for a new position as a full-time mom.

Amy and her husband made two trips to China, bringing home their daughter before returning for their second child. In China, Amy explains, female babies are often put up for adoption, since having a son means the family can carry on its name. Because of the laws in place to control the population, many Chinese families are restricted to one child per household. This means that a fairly large number of female children are available to adopt, including Amy’s daughter. She and Stephen later adopted a little boy as well, and for the first time in her life all of Amy’s attention was devoted to her family instead of her career. She is an active and devoted mother, and from watching her with her children it is clear that family is her top priority.

There have been challenges, of course. In 2009, the U.S. economy plummeted, which put a major strain on the family’s finances. Stephan was a developer, but construction and land development opportunities came to a halt that year, creating an unforeseen crisis for the Byrd family. Amy knew she needed to find some type of work so that she could contribute financially. When a close friend approached her about becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields, she didn’t hesitate. She acknowledges that some see starting a new business, especially in direct sales, as risky, but for Amy the risk was in letting the opportunity pass her by, and says  “I felt the only risk was to not get involved.”

Within nineteen months of launching her Rodan + Fields business, she had already more than replaced her income working full-time in pharmaceutical sales. Now, four years later, Amy is a leader in the Consultant field, and has been for over a year. Her husband joined her in the business, and now the whole family enjoys the freedom that comes with being your own boss. Amy recalls how hard she had to work in the pharmaceutical industry and the long hours she put it in, and although she says it was an essential part of her story, it isn’t a world she would ever want to return to. “If I were still in corporate America, I would be working for someone else, being told when and where to be, and then I wouldn’t be home with my kids.”

Besides enjoying the liberty of making her own schedule and the time she is able to spend with her kids, Amy says the other great aspect of her business are the relationships she has formed with people. She is proud of all of the Consultants on her team, and just as a mother values each of her children for their differences, she loves what makes each member unique. “Everyone has different goals for what they want this business to do for them”, she says. “Whatever they determine to be personally successful for them, I can help them achieve it.”

Many of the women who are Rodan + Fields Consultants want to support charities, or start their own non-profit organizations. There are dreams of hospitals, animal sanctuaries, and loans for small businesses. Amy is proud of the way the women on her team support each other, because it is the backbone of their success as a team and as individuals.

Amy feels strongly about the importance of working together synergistically, and points out that no one works for her, but that she works with her organization of people.

“We are in business for ourselves, but certainly not by ourselves” is a motto she adopted long ago. Talking with her even only for an hour gets you excited about the possibility of a Rodan + Fields business, and regardless of your professional history, Amy says people from all professional backgrounds are welcome, and that sales experience is not necessary; being motivated and friendly is more fundamental to starting this business. In fact, the majority of her team members have no previous sales experience. They are a close-knit group, and working with them is Amy’s favorite part of her job. In her free time, if she isn’t on the lake with her kids, traveling and exploring the outdoors, she is at dinner or a movie or just chatting on the phone with one of the close friends she has made through Rodan + Fields.

Amy explains it best when she says, “The important thing is to never stop growing. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible.”  That’s what she does in her own life, and she takes joy from helping others do the same. As her children grow, she will soon be helping them soar to success as well, in whatever ways they choose to define the word. Whether they choose to build rockets or become kindergarten teachers, she will watch with pride as they fearlessly leap into the world with their eyes open and arms outstretched, ready for anything.

*This story was originally posted on the Rodan + Fields Redefine blog.

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