With an MBA, a successful public relations career, and the example of growing up with two full-time career parents, Amanda Grask had accomplished the career objectives she set for herself. She was working full-time in Corporate America, using the degrees she had earned. She was successful. “I never thought there was any different way to live,” says Amanda. “My parents are well-educated and provided well for me and my three older siblings. When I went to college, I really only saw myself ever doing just what they did – get a good education and find a good job, working my way up the ranks over the years.”

As a recent college graduate, starting low on the corporate totem pole and making 1 to 2 percent raises each year wasn’t necessarily surprising or uncommon, but Amanda decided to earn her MBA to boost her income… but that didn’t get her much further.

“It was when my husband and I started a family that the thought of working for someone else on an 8 to 5 schedule in a cubicle really hit me hard,” Amanda recalls. “As I took my daughter to daycare every day, I just couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way for me to earn an income to provide for our family financially but also have the flexibility to be that hands-on mom I had always pictured I would be when I had children of my own.”

Getting (and succeeding!) outside of her comfort zone

Amanda, a self-described natural introvert and “not a sales person” says she didn’t have an entrepreneurial bone in her body, and had no idea how to change her situation. But her 2-year-old daughter was her first priority so when she saw a long-time family friend posting on Facebook about Rodan + Fields, she started to pay attention. At the time, Amanda was intrigued more by the business opportunity than the product itself. “I hosted an event for her but didn’t buy a thing… I was contemplating the business,” say Amanda. She was hesitant but, as a PR professional, knew that the brand recognition of being the “Doctors who created Proactiv” was huge and decided she would regret it if she didn’t take a chance and jump in.

Amanda is inspired by her strong and growing team

So she did just that—Amanda jumped in with both feet. “I worked my Rodan + Fields business very part-time when I started and, with consistent activity, built a lovely base of customers,” Amanda says. “But I knew I needed to do more if I wanted to ‘retire’ from my career.” Amanda’s determination and inspiration came primarily from her desire to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. After months and months of fertility treatment, her family’s efforts to have a second baby failed. Amanda was disappointed but more determined than ever to find a way out of her inflexible corporate work schedule. “I had my one beautiful daughter, and I knew that time was ticking away if I wanted to be able to get myself out of my full-time job and be the hands-on mom to her,” explains Amanda. “I made the decision to put more focus and energy in to my business to grow even faster.”

Everything falls into place

Amanda and her family

The universe has a funny way of rewarding us when we make these types of decisions, says Amanda. “Three months later we found out I was pregnant. I knew that I could not ever take this miracle baby to daycare so I vowed I wouldn’t have to.” After their son was born, Amanda’s R+F business became Plan A. She was going to stay home with her children and be the hands-on mom she always wanted to be. “It was one of the best decisions (behind joining R+F) I have ever made!” she says.

Today, Amanda’s business is thriving. She has a large base of preferred customers and a dedicated team of nearly 600 Consultants, including many Level V leaders. She’s earned nine of the 10 Lead the Way trips, and made lifelong friends along the way. She’s earned a car, and reached Elite Level V in title. She is able to contribute more to her family and causes she cares about than she ever imagined possible. Amanda’s goal is to reach RFx Circle next and to help her team succeed. “What I have come to love most about this business is being able to mentor and coach other women and men to find success, whatever that looks like to them,” says Amanda. “I’m inspired by my team daily. They are the most dedicated, hard-working and incredible women I have ever met,” says Amanda. “I am their biggest cheerleader and want all of them to find the success in this business that they want to achieve. I consider them to be my best friends!”

But the perk that tops the elaborate vacations, titles and promotions, income boosts, rewards and recognition is unwavering… more time with her family. “I don’t have to sit in a cubicle 40 hours a week while a daycare provider cares for my children! I get to decide when and where I work and what my week looks like depending on what else is on our family’s schedule,” says Amanda. And that is what success really looks like. 

*This is Amanda’s unique story; for information regarding typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.